Project Gallery

A brief gallery of few works done by us! or view the Project List

  • L & T  Colony, Marol

    L & T Colony, Marol

    PMC, Projects, Redevelopment, Residential

    One of the largest redevelopment projects with 31 buildings going together for redevelopment. As the plot is more than 10000 sq. m., cluster redevelopment is considered.

  • Interior Designing

    Interior Designing

    Interior, Projects

    Through a deliberate process with the clients our designers create dynamic, breath taking environment that promote the client’s identity while catering to their functional needs.

  • Weekend Homes

    Weekend Homes

    Projects, Township

    The resort project situated at Murbad, a small town near Mumbai. A contoured landscape surrounded with natural features like river, thick greens add to the value of site.

  • Ajmeri Heights

    Ajmeri Heights

    Projects, Redevelopment, Residential

    The layout is designed considering the existing mosque on site which is also renovated to match with the new development.

  • Phenomenal Resort, Murbad

    Phenomenal Resort, Murbad

    Hospitality, Projects

    Natural topography of the site leads to the master plan. The site is divided into different zones with road as a spinal cord connecting these zones.

  • Vrindavan CHS

    Vrindavan CHS

    PMC, Projects, Residential

    The whole planning is done considering the privacy and views. These two have been main aspects of designing.

  • Shiv Nagar

    Shiv Nagar

    Projects, Redevelopment, Residential

    The arrangement of two buildings parallel to each other create a plaza that is used by seniors to stroll and for kids to play giving a sense of coziness and security.

  • Durvankur CHS

    Durvankur CHS

    Projects, Redevelopment, Residential

    Building is planned in tight site conditions. Still maintaining the serenity of building by using white colour n adding life to building by creating flower beds and green spaces.

  • Adarsh Nagar

    Adarsh Nagar


    The monotony of this high rise is broken by dividing the building in 3 parts creating refuge levels. The building is contained within these 3 boxes.

  • Training Centre for Sales Tax department

    Training Centre for Sales Tax department

    Competition, Institutional

    The Hexagon provides with an interesting form as a MODULE that can also be multiplied and gives flexibility. The concept behind this form is also to create SPACES WITHIN NATURE.

  • Jayprakash Nagar

    Jayprakash Nagar

    Redevelopment, Residential

    The concept is developed with an idea of 'Skin'. The undulating skin envelopes both the buildings together creating combined spaces.

  • Rohidas Nagar

    Rohidas Nagar


    The layout is developed with the concept of sustainable living. In relation to the Indian standard of living, we tried to create community areas at alternate floors.

  • Phenomenal Perambra

    Phenomenal Perambra

    Competition, Township

    It is a Competition Winning entry for Perambra township in Kerala. This layout is based on Vaastu-Shastra completely.

  • Hanuman Nagar

    Hanuman Nagar

    PMC, Redevelopment, Township

    Every cluster thus has its individual garden and play area of its own. The buildings are connected at the refuge levels to create community areas and gardens.